Co-Working – An Option to Consider?

If you’re yet to come across the idea, co-working essentially refers to a concept where a bunch of strangers working freelance or privately share an office space with others just like them.  From writers to translators to accountants to marketers and all other professions besides, co-working environments bring together newcomers and professionals from all sectors and all walks of life.

When introduced to the idea for the first time, most freelancers do not see the point of co-working.  After all, if you can work at home in total comfort free of charge, why pay to use a co-working facility?

Well, the simple answer comes in the form of multiple answers – 10 of which you’ll find below.  Whether or not co-working is for you is something that only you can determine, but try it out for yourself and you may be surprised just how advantageous it can be.

  1. First of all, co-working gives you the opportunity to expand and enhance your business and personal networks effectively and easily.
  2. There’s also the way in which when you are surrounded by other people working hard, it tends to motivate you yourself to work equally hard.
  3. Co-working is a great way of lifting the monotony and boredom that often accompanies working from home.
  4. Make connections with those in similar lines of work to your own and build strong support networks.
  5. Eliminate the need to ever have to worry about paying for things like printers, reliable Internet connections, powerful computers and so on.
  6. Team up with others to join forces on the kinds of projects and ideas you would not be able to tackle alone.
  7. Enjoy the prestige of working in a professional office space that you would never be able to afford to rent out on your own.
  8. Take inspiration from others inside and outside your profession, as a means by which to evolve and advanced your own career.
  9. Significantly improve the possibility of finding yourself embroiled in an office romance!
  10. Last but not least, with absolutely no contracts of any kind to worry about, there’s really nothing to stop you trying out co-working for yourself, in order to see if it’s for you.