profile Niki Kontaxi
Niki Kontaxi - Greece 0.05 - 0.20/Word

Source Language : English, Greek, Italian

Target Language : English, Greek

Field of Expertise : Education, Entertainment & Recreation, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Information, Journalism & News, Media & Broadcasting, Motion Pictures & Video, Music, Publishing, Service, Tourism, Travel, Video Game

CAT - Tools :

Years of Experience : 1 year

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I am a starter in translation but for about a year now i work as a translator for a company in Thessaloniki,Greece. I translate mostly Italian texts to greek and i enjoy doing it.I am a student in Aristotles University in Thessaloniki in the faculty of Italian Language and Literrature and i would like to become a full time translator.

Even though i am a starter i take my job and projects very seriously since i wanna be a professional translator.

I am intrested in translating everything and also subtitling movies or tv shows.I get really mad when the movie translation is bad . :)

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