profile Dyah
Dyah - Indonesia 0.03 - 0.08/Word

Source Language : English, Indonesian

Target Language : English, Indonesian

Field of Expertise : Beauty & Cosmetics, Education, Entertainment & Recreation, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Journalism & News, Music, Tourism, Travel

CAT - Tools :

Years of Experience : 5 year

Website :


An Indonesian native speaker, fluent in English, and who actually enjoys English - Indonesian translation tasks.

Offering you quality and attention to details in projects related to: 

•  English - Indonesian Language Pairs Translation:  

     o I have 5+ years of experience in translating various subjects of articles/writings.

     o Experience and familiarity in materials ranging from academic translations (in archaeology, social studies, anthropology, history, art, and cultures) to general translations (daily conversation, product descriptions, quizzes, website localisation, etc.)  

     o HUMAN TRANSLATION. I don't know why, but somehow I am against machine-translated materials. Some sentences just do not make any sense whatsoever. Translating has deeper meaning than what machines can do for you. 

• Audio/Video Transcription:

     o English or Indonesian (monolingual) audio or video files to Microsoft Word.

Feel free to invite me to participate in your projects.

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