profile Steeve kembs
Steeve kembs - Cameroon 0.04 - 0.15/Word

Source Language : English

Target Language : French

Field of Expertise : Publishing

CAT - Tools : MemoQ

Years of Experience : 5 year

Website :


Hi awesome people!

I'm Steve, a professional translator of  English and French with over 5 years of experience translating for individuals and corporates all over the world. My doings are of optimum quality due to my expertise, long-term experience in the field and proofreading skills to verify the work in search of the slightest flaw.

Some of my translation scopes are

.Instruction manuals

.Legal and technical text

.Product listings


How I perform my duty:

1. I keenly study the document to master the subject and provide  corrections if necessary

2. I  translate the document 

3. The document is revised to maintain his originality

4. Proofreading  takes place

The translation is literal not word for word.

Take your chances with me and let me satisfy your needs.

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