profile Maryna
Maryna - Ukraine 0.03 - 0.05/Word

Source Language : English, Russian, Ukrainian

Target Language : English, Russian, Ukrainian

Field of Expertise : Advertising, Agriculture & Agribusiness, Education, Entertainment & Recreation, Financial Services, Journalism & News, Media & Broadcasting, Tourism, Travel

CAT - Tools :

Years of Experience : 8 year

Website :


Native Ukrainian and Russian speaker.

Have about 8 years experience in translation for private institutions/agencies. A year of working as a content-manager/translator for English-language websites and freelance translating included in those 8 years. Did translation on different topics: agriculture, breeding, plant growing, management, marketing, economics, computer (general, software), tourism, arts, music, literature, movies.

Also have a degree in translation (B.A.).

I know that translation is more than just finding the direct match for the source word/text. It is finding THE MOST APPROPRIATE match, taking in attention the topic of text. I know when there must be word for word translation and when it should be more of CONVEYING the IDEA and the MEANING of the source text. Of course, considering specialty of the text.  If needed, check, ask, do research and double-check for the best translation.

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