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Rovshan Bagirov - Azerbaijan 0.01 - 0.01/Word

Source Language : English

Target Language : Russian

Field of Expertise : Accommodations, Accounting, Agriculture & Agribusiness, Communications, Construction, Consulting, Education, Employment, Energy, Entertainment & Recreation, Food & Beverage, Health, Information, Journalism & News, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Media & Broadcasting, Motion Pictures & Video, Public Administration, Public Relations, Publishing, Real Estate, Service, Telecommunications, Tourism, Transportation, Travel

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Years of Experience : 10+ year

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Bagiroff Translations provides high-quality translation services from English, Turkish, Arabic, Azerbaijani into Russian, as well as quality translation from Russian into indicated languages at a highly competitive price!

Bagiroff Translations is working and happy to extend its cooperation with Business companies, INGOs, Universities, Health Authorities, Immigrant Service Organizations globally.  

-    Bagiroff Translations means a professional attitude, vast experience, and extensive expertise. Therefore, it is not coincidental that our customers are represented not only by the most important governmental agencies but also by well-known international businesses.

-          This company offers a variety of services such as translation, editing, proofreading and interpreting and brings together translators (linguists) who are committed to widely-accepted standards and business ethics relevant to translation and have excellent knowledge of the fields they are specialized in.

Our priority is to provide all your translated works in time or well before it. We never compromise on punctuality. Also, we give you our word that all your letters will be safe and confidential with us. There will be no wrong use of them. We highly believe in customer satisfaction. And our organization will never put its reputation at stake.

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