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Tony Wang - People's Republic of China 0.05 - 0.10/Word

Source Language : English

Target Language : Chinese

Field of Expertise : Advertising, Banking, Communications, Electronics, Employment, Energy, Food & Beverage, Information, Information Technology, Insurance, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Medical Devices & Supplies, Public Relations, Service, Technology, Telecommunications, Tourism, Travel, Web Services

CAT - Tools : MemoQ, SDL Trados

Years of Experience : 10+ year

Website :


"A.C.T." stands for "Ace Chinese Translation"! We strive to help you open up the lucrative oriental markets.


As a China-based translation/localization team with a 21st century global vision, we are a group of highly dedicated and skilled professional Chinese translators and localizers devoting to the efficient cultural and business communications between the east and the west. Surviving on quality and diligent in client service, we are proud of being a truly specialized regional language vendor focusing on a limited number of language pairs. Committed to always delivering outstanding output for each and all assignments, big or small, we combine various expertise and knowledge of professionals in our team to meet any particular requirements of our clients'. Core members of our professional team are from both linguistic and technical backgrounds with credentials and degrees from recognized universities or other industrial institutions.


The source text we handle include two Eastern Asian languages (Korean & Japanese) and several major European languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, German), and we focus only one target language – Chinese, with all of its variations: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainess, Sichuaneseetc. (The latter three variations are actually just some local dialects, and their writing forms are all the same as the Mandarin). 


Testimonials - What our clients have to say about our services:

"Assigning our Chinese projects to A.C.T. really gives us the peace of mind! Experts!"
Raymond Luo, Eastern Words (Hong Kong) 

"I send important materials back to you as you are so efficient and good :) and we never get complaints but only praise for your work."
Julia, GES (United States)

(We wrote: "You know, we claimed marvelous client support..."). Client wrote: "AND MARVELOUS IT IS!"
Jason, Lingua Intl. (United States)

"Nowadays it's not easy to find such a dependable translators doing as great as you guys are! "
Noa. Harvest Translation. (Israel) 

"My editor seems to have some difficulty - though the file is big, she was unable to identify "enough issues" to make amendments - this means you guys had really done a great translation job there! THANKS!"
Porter, AGOOL (France)

"That's what we call the PROFESSIONAL approaches! Keep up with your good works!"
Matthews, Tek Media (Canada)

"Excellent translation works! Working with you makes my life easier, Wallace!"
Tony Zhang, Freelancer (United States)

"Great news! According to client's feedback, the quality is superb! They liked it, and will surely send over more batches! We're going to keep you busy for this month! Be ready for it. :)"
Marit, ICOM (Danmark)

"You guys really know the stuff and delivered a quality job! True professionals! Please also extend my thanks to your linguists!"
Lisbeth (Australia) 

"Yes, quality & details-oriented! You are setting a standard for all fellow agencies."
Jackson Wang (China)




The computer-assisted translation (CAT, or computer aided translation) is language translation performed with the help of a software program. The program does not do all the work, but it can create some shortcuts and also grows with the translator and can develop more facility over time. This can be useful for linguists preparing a variety of texts, transcripts, and other contents. Software companies offer a range of computer-assisted translation programs.


How can the CAT Tools help us?


The computer-assisted translation (CAT) Tools may be just what you need to take your translation work to the next level. Here are some of the benefits of using a CAT Tool:


The Quantity Aspect: Take in More! Localization requires fast turnaround of high volumes of content, with rigorous consistency of terminology and style. CAT tools, especially major ones like SDL Trados, make this kind of performance possible. Linguists who can transfer translation memories (TM), update them while they localize, and send them back, are crucial to the process. The Quantity Aspect: Produce More! Even in traditional environments, a CAT tool can increase your production. With a tool pre-translating from a reasonably-stocked translation memory, you could finish twice as much work in the same time. Warning: this depends on how similar the new content is to what is in the TM. My own work data shows an increase of over 50%.



Among the over 2000 satisfied end clients, some PRESTIGIOUS brands & names are included and listed below for your information & reference purpose:

Deloitte -- Translation of its entire HR niche website into Chinese.
INSEAD -- World's first class international business school. Translation of its brochures and press release.
Infosys -- One of India's biggest IT giants. Localization of its entire group website into Chinese. Translation of its monthly financial reports.

Western Digital -- One of the world's top-brand hard disk manufacturer. Translation of its products documentations.
China Netcom (CNC) -- China's top telecom operator. Translation of its IPO documents.
Bills Committee of Legislative Council of Hong Kong -- Translation of the Chinese Medicine Bill.
BloomBerg -- Translation of its service contract templates.
WSPA -- London based animal protection organization. Consulting/researching project.
EATON -- Translation of its engineering specifications & purchase contracts.
Mild Seven -- Translation of the official website of Mild Seven Outdoor Quest.
International Education Services of South Australian Government -- Translation of its promotion brochures for government schools
War Dog -- It's a movie, and I did the subtitling into Chinese.
Club Dice Casino -- (A famous online gaming company.) Translation of its online help text.
Bayer -- Chemical patents, blood sugar testing equipment (Ascensia® CONTOUR™ SYSTEM) manuals.
Hong Kong Science & Technology Park -- (HKSTP, a major industrial project sponsored by HK government) Translation of its official website content.
Tourism Tasmania -- Translating its brochures and website contents into Simplified Chinese.
Singapore Changi International Airport -- (1) Translation of the operational guidelines of its firefighting team.(2) Translation of documents of its logistic department.


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